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Pretty Little Gangster
Not every job goes how it was planned.
Royal Blue flew into a pile of boxes. She gasped and her jaw ground in pain as her back hit the ground forcefuly and from the force she was thrown a few meters away from the boxes.
And mistakes go on my account. On noone else´s.
Her back hit something hard again and she almost cired out in pain. Energon dripped from her nose and chin. Internal damage; that wasn´t a good sign.
If you are inattentive, mistaks are ALLWAYS the result of that.
Ignoring the pain and the energon running down her chin, she took out her gun and rolled over to her right side again. Sitting up, she was about to lift the gun, when her opponent was suddenly right infront of her. He smirked wickedly and pointed the gun right at her head.
This would have had to be clear to me.

Center of the southern area of Kaon, now.

15 hours ago, Royal
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You don't know me
"It is still not clear who have been the attackers but the police is already investigating. Any tips of the population are very welcome and will help to find the persones who are responsible for this tragedy...".
Royal Blue truned away from the screen and stoped listening to the femme who was reporting the news. "You can switch the chanel again." she said to the small, bulky mech behinde the bar. He didn´t say anything and just pressed a button, switching to the sports chanel again.
Royal Blue sighed and turned her gaze down into her glass of high grade again. It had been and hard and unpleasant day for her, full of unneccassary failures. Almost nothing had worked like she had planed it. First the burst deal, then the confrontation with such an stupid aft of an mech which resulted in an exploding bomb that was now in the news and finally she had argued with Swindle. This argument had ended with him yelling at her while she had just left them room without saying a word.
But the wor
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Mature content
Melodrama :iconstarkite1:StarKite1 2 0



Not every job goes how it was planned.

Royal Blue flew into a pile of boxes. She gasped and her jaw ground in pain as her back hit the ground forcefuly and from the force she was thrown a few meters away from the boxes.

And mistakes go on my account. On noone else´s.

Her back hit something hard again and she almost cired out in pain. Energon dripped from her nose and chin. Internal damage; that wasn´t a good sign.

If you are inattentive, mistaks are ALLWAYS the result of that.

Ignoring the pain and the energon running down her chin, she took out her gun and rolled over to her right side again. Sitting up, she was about to lift the gun, when her opponent was suddenly right infront of her. He smirked wickedly and pointed the gun right at her head.

This would have had to be clear to me.

Center of the southern area of Kaon, now.


15 hours ago, Royal Blue´s appartment....

The alarm clock rang with with an annoying peeping tone, hollowing through the dark room. Royle Blue woke up from her deep sleep, being wide awake immediately. In one quick movement, she reached beside herself under the sheets and turned around. Only a second later she was already pointing the charging gun at the alarm clock which was still ringing happily. Letting out a breath of relive, Royal Blue took the gun down and put it back under the sheets.

One day I will shoot that damn thing...

Sighing deeply, she sat up on the berth, rubbing her tired optics and stretching her arms for a few moments before getting up. She went over to the small bathroom, washing herself and putting on her visor before entering the even smaller kitchen. Opening an old cupboard, she took one of the energon cubes before she sat down at the small table in the corner of the room. Royal Blue took a sip from the energon while she let her gaze wander out the window.

There wasn´t much too see from the small window of her flat in the second floor of a building like million others in the northern area of Kaon City. But that didn´t border her. Every morning when she was drinking her cube for the day, she sat there and gazed out the small window. The backyards of the buildings, which she could see from her window, allways looked the same. Every morning, they were just as dirty and wretched as all the mornings before. Just as the rest of the city. They never changed.

Just as the rest of the city.

This thought crossed her mind every morning when she was sitting there, drinking her energon and looking at the same old backyards as the mornings before. But despite it never got borring. Maybe the backyards were allways the same but the day was never the same. Every day was a new powder-keg. In this city, everything could happen.

Some mornings, there happened nothing. But some other mornings the silence was over. Even in the morning there were still some people out there who usually hide from any sunlight. There had been mornings when she had seen how someone had gotten robbed. There had been mornings when she had watched how someone had gotten beaten up in one of the backyards or small, dark alleys between the buildings. There had even been mornings when someone had been raped or even murdered. While she was sitting at the small table, drank some energon and just watched through the small window.

It all happens right infront of my optics.

Her optics wandered over the backyards, alleys and buildings, seeing whether anyone was out there this morning.

This might sound cruel but all I do is watch. Whenever something happens infront of my window all I do is sitting there, sipping my energon and watching what is happening out there. All I do is watch. Everyone does watch. I´m most certainly not the only person who is looking out a window those mornings and seeing what´s happening out there. Everyone does just watch...

She sighed and leaned back in her seat, closing her optics for a moment to relax a bit. Today, there was no one out there. Nothing was happening infront of her small window in the second floor of a building like million others in this area.

...because it´s all they can do. Sure, someone could call the cobs. But why? Everyone knows it is no use. They can´t do anything. Or someone could go down there and help. But everyone knows it´s not worth it. Nobody wants to take the risk of getting beaten up or even killed just because they "tried to help". I, personally, could even just shoot the attackers from my window out. Just one or two clean shots, nothing more. Bang, bang and that´s it.

But why should I? It´s not like it would change anything. This is just a window like million others in this city. This is something that happens infront of millions of other windows every day. If I kill one or two or maybe three bots who are about to rape a femme or robb someone, it doesn´t change anything. If they don´t do it, someone else will do it. And besides...

Opening her optics again, Royal Blue read her chronometer and sighed a bit frustrated. She had to go already. Taking the last sip of the energon, she glanced one last time out the window before rising from her seat and leaving the kitchen.

...I´m not here to "protect the weak ones". Nobody is here to protect anyone. You need to look after yourself if you want to survive in this city. Caring about others and trying to help them will just get you killed faster than you can even think of it. This is no place for heros. So don´t play the hero. Only people who can do what is neccessary can make it in this city. And looking away is DEFENETILY something that´s neccessary.

The reason why the criminals always win in this city is because they are ready to do everything what´s neccessary to survive. They are criminals and they do bad things. You can only make it in Kaon if you do what everyone else do: bad things. Those are the rules of the city. Follow them and you might have a chance to get something like a "life" here. Or something that´s at least close to it. Don´t follow the rules and this city will kill you in thousand more cruel ways than you can imagine. The gangsters and criminals follow the rules of the city. Everyone who lived here for longer than a month follows the rules of the city. Otherwise they wouldn´t have made it that long.

She picked up her bag before opening the door and leaving her flat. After locking the door, Royal Blue went down the small corridor and left the building, walking down the street to the train station.

Luckily, I am ready to do what is neccessary. I am a pretty little gangster.


"The client will contact you after you´ve reached the centre of the south area of the city.".

One hour later...

"I don´t know more." Swindle said and an unpleased frown crossed his features. He didn´t like the fact, that he had that less information about this job.

"It´s allright, Swindle." Royal Blue said "I´ve already worked with those people before I got to know you. Their machinations are dirty but their enemie´s are even more.". Swindle rose a brow in doubt but he handed her over the file with the few information he had. Royal Blue took the file and scanned quickly through a few lines.

Then she nodded and muttered "Like I´ve expected..." before she turned back to Swindle and said seriously "In my profession, you need to choose the lesser of two evils from time to time. You know that.".

Swindle sighed and said "Yeah. I know that.".

If you are independent, you are only regulated by your own rules. And you are only limited by yourself. The biggest hindrance is allways yourself. Things like weakness and fear are only in your head. They are not real and you need to get over them for getting the job done.

You have only your own rules.

And those are not fixed.

This means you are doing your best.

A couple hours later, she arrived in the center of the south area of Kaon. It didn´t took long until she had found her contact person and she was led to a high building wich was surrounded by many small houses.

But your best isn´t allways good enough.

"Miss Royal Blue.".

Royal Blue smiled lightly and made a small bow. "Please, Nightview, you know me for too long for such unnecessary formalities." she said with an small amused chuckle. The tall mech smiled back. His dark violet and and black amor shined strangely in the faint light that the small windows allowed to fall into the large room, giving him something mysterious and sinister.

They sat down on a big and comfortable couch. "Blue, how are you doing?" he asked. She chuckled again, shaking her head slightly she answered "For small talk you know me too long as well.". Then a serious expression crossed her features again "Why did you call for me?".

Nightview sighed and a serious and worried expression crossed his features. "The last weeks weren´t easy for me." he said "Some.... unexpected things happened and the buisness didn´t run as well as it used to. Things have changed... even in this city. I´m not sure how long I will be able to make it.".

Royal Blue rose a brow in slight confusion. "What do you mean with that?" she asked. He sighed deeply again and passed a hand over his optics. "I thought about retireing from the buisness... it´s gettng rougher every year and I am getting too old for stuff like gunfights and nightly trading actions. That kind of stress is not good for me.".

"I can understand if you whish for a bit more rest, Nightview." Royal Blue answered "But this has nothing to do with you beeing too old.". She leant a bit forward and said with an serious undertone in her voice "I know you didn´t call for just talking with me about you getting old.". Nightview didn´t say anything and his optics drifted slightly away from hers. Her optics narrowed a bit behinde her visor and she laid one of her servos on his shoulder.

"Nightview," she said insistently "Tell me what it is. Is someone threatening you?". Nightview lifted his optics back to hers and exclaimed a bit shocked and surprised "What?! No! No, no, Blue, nobody is threatening me. Don´t be allways so suspicious.". He shook his head and leaned a bit back. "No, it´s nothing like that.". "What is it then, Nightview?" she asked.

"One of my collegues is missing. For three days now. Nobody has seen him or heared anything from him since last Tuesday. I am afraid that something bad happened to him.". He waved one of his servants over to them who brought a tablet with a datapad on it "Here is a picture of him... and of the mechs who I suspect to be responsible for this.".

Royal Blue took the datapad and looked at the pictures. "They live at the extrem edge area in the south of this area  in a big warehouse. They are smugglers and smuggle weapons into the city, espacially into this area. He has visited them there. I would´ve already searched for him there, but I cannot show up there...".

She lifted her gaze from the pictures back up to his optics. "You know how this works, Blue." Nightview continued seriously "Those bots are bad people, but I can´t attack them openly in this city.". Royal Blue nodded "I will find your son, Nightview.".

His optics widened a bit in slight shock when he heared that. "But this..." he started but Royal Blue interrupted him with an light smile on her lips.

"I also know you very well.".

Some jobs can feel familiar, but this is dangerous. Very dangerous. Because even if it might feel like this, it is never familiar.

It was already late in the night and Royal Blue was hiding behinde an old, crumbling wall on the roof of an old warehous and observed the warehous at the other side of the street through the sighting system of her sharpshooter gun. There were two mechs outside the warehous, seemingly armed and guarding the warehous. A smirk trailed up her lips and she let her trigger finger twitch twice, firing two exact and almost soundless shots. Not even a second later the two mechs fell down to the ground and stayed laying there without moving an inch.

In the mercenary´s buisness there is nothing like "routine".

She quickly left the roof of the building and only a few minutes later, she was already out of the old warehous and at the other side of the street. She hid between a few piles of boxes, quickly scanning the area for any other guards. When she was sure, that there was nobody else, she quickly ran to the backdoor of the building.

And here I commit my second mistake.

Holding the gun in a tight grip, Royal Blue quickly went up the stairs, allways ready to shoot anyone who got in her way. But there was nobody to shoot. The building seemed abandoned. But that didn´t mean anything.

It felt familiar. But not quiet.

She had almost reached the highest floor of the building and she still hadn´t seen or heared anyone.

Should have reminded me at another job I had a few years ago.

Royal Blue reached the highest story and waited a few moments beside the door. She hold her breath, listening for any sounds from behinde the closed door. But she heared nothing. It seemed like nobody was inside the room.

Where are they all?

In one quick movement, she had kicked open the door and entered the room, holding the gun up and ready to shoot anyone who might be in there. But there was nobody. The room was empty.

Then the alarm bells would have gone off earlier.

Empty except of a dead mech who was cuffed to a chair infront of the windows of the room. Royal Blue lowered her gun and looked at the dead body infront of her. Someone had shot him right in the spark. She sighed deeply and frustrated. It was the mech who she had been looking for.

Her gaze wandered through the room- and suddenly, she noticed that something was wrong. Everything seemed so... clean. Much too clean for her liking. They couldn´t have known that long that she was going to pay them a visit.

This didn´t look like an hasty escape.


Without hesitating a second, she turned and ran from the room. Knowing that she didn´t have enough time for getting out of the building, she ran down the stairs to the third floor. Kicking the door open, she rushed towards the window, crossing the room in less than a second.

My first mistake was lacking attention...

She lifted her gun and fired three shots at the window, shattering the glass into millions of little pieces. A few meters before she had reached the window, she got ready to jump.

... the second was to think that this was going to be an easy job.

With one last step, Royal Blue jumped out of the window. Only a few seconds after her feet had left the floor of the room, an explosion rocked through the air and an large fire ball swallowed the warehous behinde her. She could feel the burning heat of the fire against her back, but ignored the pain it was causing.

Royal Blue hit the ground at almost full speed and tried to fedder the jump with unreeling herself forward. Despite, the force hit her left arm pretty hard and she could feel how her ellbow and wrist joints were crushing under force of the jump. Without paying any attention to the pain in her arm  or the burning building behinde her, she just ran, leaving the place as fast as she could.

She didn´t notice that someone had been watching her all the time.


"I am sorry, but I can´t reveal those information to you, Mr...?".

Center of the northern area....

"Razorblade, I´m representing a private group, which wishes to stay anonymous." the mech replied with exaggerated politeness. "I understand." Swindle said and tried hard to surpress the annoyed undertone in his voice "How I said, I can neither inform you about the journey of my client nor can I talk about this with you.".

Razorblade leaned back in his seat and gazed out the window. "Well, you "client" is responsible for an rather large loss of poperty. We want some compensation and would prefere to arrange this extrajudicial. For our both welfare." he said with an slightly frustrated and agressive undertone "I am sure, this would meet the reputation of your client very well. As well as yours.".

Swindle just shrugged and replied coldly "The burden of proof layes on your shoulders, Mr. Razorblade. Not on mine. I cannot reveal the operations of my client- wether private or on business- without a judical summon.". He took a sip from the glass of water and rose a brow at the mech across from him "Good luck with that.".

The mech rose from his seat, saying angrily "Now, Mr. Swindle, I hoped we could arrange this in private.". With those words he picked up his bag, turned around and left the room. Swindle looked after him until the door had closed behinde him. When he was alone in his office again, Swindle activated his comlink.

"Ash, put a transmitter in his bag." he ordered and an very serious expression crossed his features.

"Let´s look what that guy really wants.".


South area of Kaon, the center...

Royal Blue stood infront of the entrace of the high building in the center of the south area where she should met Nightview. Still, she wasn´t sure how she should tell him that his son was dead and that she didn´t even know who killed him. Sighing deeply, she pressed the button for the intercome, saying "Hello, my name is Royal Blue. Nightview is expecting me.".

When she didn´t get an answer, she pressed the button again "Please open the door, I am expected.". But again nobody responded and the door also didn´t open. An uncomfortable chased down her spine. "Nightview? Hello?" but nothing happened. She unsubspaced her gun. Something was defentily wrong here.

It took her some moments until she had managed to get access to the building and had reached the highest floor where she was supposed to meet Nightview.

A wrong job often results into collateral damages.

Everythig was absolutely silent, no sighn that someone was in the building. Slowly and very carefuly, Royal Blue crept through the empty corridor towards the big french door at the end of the corridor. She waited infront of it a few moments, listening for any sounds that would tell that someone was inside the room behinde the door. But she heared nothing. Everything was silent.

Slowly, she pushed the door open. The room behinde was dark and seemed ampty. Careful to make no noises, Royal Blue entered the room, holding the gun in both hands and preparing for being attacked. But nothing happened. She seemed to be alone in the room. Walking slowly through the room, she went around the next corner- and couldn´t believe it for a few seconds.

The room behinde the corner was a mess, three dead bots were laying on the floor. In the faint light that filtered through the small window into room, she could see a dark colored mech sitting in an armchair. The blade of the long sword that was stabbed through his spark glistened with blue energon.


Suddenly, she heared a scratching sound behinde her. She lifted her gun, about to fire a shot into the direction from where the sound came, but a blade rushed down infront of her and cut through the barrel of her gun before she had even turned around. Instantly, she let her now useless weapon fall to the floor and jumped to the side before the blade could hit her.

"You are difficult to kill..." an unkown voice said.

The unkown persone attacked her again, but Royal Blue saw the attack comming and ducked down beneath the blow. She reached into her subspace, taking out her second gun and put a magazin into it.

"...Royal Blue.".

She jumped back to her feet again, turned and fired at her attacker but he easily evaded the bullets. The blade of the sword rushed towards her again. "But your little toys are useless..." the voice continued.

Jumping over the overturned desk, Royal Blue took the computer from it and threw it at her attacker, but he duked down and jumped towards her.

"Because you are...".

The attacker kicked her, throwing her backwards towards the window.

"... easy to...".

Her back hit the window forcefuly and the glass shattered beneath the force.


She fell out of the window of the highest floor of the building, the windows of the other stories were rushing past her as she fell towards the ground with animalic speed. Royal Blue faintly cried out in pain when her back hit a neonsighn which barely slowed down the speed of her fall. She fell further until she had reached the ground. With a loud bang landed ontop of the altmode of some bot that had come across the building by chance.

The bot cried out and transformed up in shock, making Royal Blue fall down on the street. She grunted in pain, energon was running down from her nose and chin. Slowly, she lifted her head and had barely enough time to widen her optics before an oncoming van hit her with almost full speed. The force of the impact flung her several meters across the street until she landed in a pile of boxes.

This was my third mistake...

Her optics narrowed behinde her visor as she looked up at her attacker who was smirking wickedly as he pointed the barel of his gun right at her head.

Thinking that I would be able to win.

"We have found Royal Blue for sure.".


North of the city....

"She is not in this area though, but through the lawyer we can find out when she will be back.".

"And what is your plan?" the femme asked coldly. "We will blackmail the money from her" Razorblade answered. "Will she pay?" the femme asked with a rosen brow. Razorblade shrugged carelessly "She has murdered our employers. We will force her to pay.". "And what about the lawyer?" another mech asked.

"You will kill him. But first we need the money. He administers the property, not his client.". Swindle took a sip of water as he listened carefuly to the conversation through the transmitter.

"And if we kill him first?" the unkown mech asked "As a threat? This is how the boss would have done it. Maybe then she will return faster.".

An very unpleased look crossed Swindles features as he heared this.


Center of the southern area...

"It really wasn´t easy to find you, Royal Blue." the mech said "'The dark femme'. 'The deadly shadow'. 'The blue nemesis'. You have so many names.".

Her optics narrowed to slits behinde her visor as she suddenly remembered where she had seen him before "You are his servant...".

"Just a cover, Blue." he replied coldly "Call me 'The Nameless'".

She narrowed her optics even more. She had heared that before. A long time ago... she had almost forgotten it already. "'The Nameless' was the codename for a target... five years ago in the western outskirts of Kaon." she said as she remembered the incident.

"My brother." the mech said before he asked drily "Can you even remember him with all those murders you have done?". "I remember him." she replied and the expression on her features darkened. "I regret many of my deeds." she said coldly "But not his death. Or...". Suddenly two cobs appeared next to them, both pointing their guns at the mech and shouting "Hands up!".

"...yours" Royal Blue finished her sentence and lifted her gun, pointing it at him and ready to shot. But he was faster than she had expected. In one swift movement, he let his sword cut through the parel of her weapon, making it useless before he turned around and fired at the two cobs who immediately fell to the ground. The mech turned back to her again, but Royal Blue was gone. Knowing that she couldn´t be far away, he let his gaze wander over the area and through the crowd of people who were assambled around the scene.

"Where are you, little femme..." he said as his optics searched for her in the crowd "...without weapons, without friends...".


Suddenly she jumped out between two piles of boxes, kicking him right against the jaw. The mech had no time to react and lost his grip on his gun. "There is only one thing I regret:" she hissed angrily as she managed to catch his sword arm and twisted it around, breaking the joint of his albow. He gasped in pain and was forced to let go of his sword. "At that time, in the western outskirts five years ago..." she let her fist fly and hit his jaw, making him stumble backwards a few steps.

"...I have hesitated.".

"You have murderd him!" the mech shouted angrily and aimed to kick her. But she caught his attack easily. "Your brother was a murderer." she replied coldly and griped his leg tightly, crushing the joint of his ankle in her vice-like grip, making him cry out shortly in pain. Cold blue optics narrowed at him behinde her visor "I am a killer.".

An sinister grin spread across his features as he said "Excuses don´t change the truth.". Her optis blazed behinde her visor as she just replied coldly "Let that be my care.". With those words, she tightened her grip, lifted him up and threw him across the street. Only a second later, a truck came past her and hit the mech with almost full speed before it came to an halt.


She went towards the truck and looked for the mech. The driver of the truck had left his vehicle and also stood there beside his truck, looking questioningly at her. Royal Blue stoped beside the truck and sighed. The mech was gone. Everything that was left of him was a pool of energon on the street.

But 'the Nameless' is still out there.

Shaking her head, she rubbed her optics tiredly.

He will come back, I know that.

That is my fourth mistake...

...but I don´t want to count anymore.


Nine hours later....

"How did it go?" Swindle asked as he met Royal Blue at the central train station in the southern area of Kaon City. "Well, we have the advance payment but except of that...".

"You know that this is not good, right?" Swindle said with an annyoed and frustrated undertone in his voice. Royal Blue nodded "I know that.". They went past a trasher and he threw a paperbag into it "And you ALSO know, that this "net" I´m making for you is not cheap? To bride authorities in every area and also more than 100 districts of this city is--".

"Just let us go." Royal Blue interrupted him "I don´t want to talk about this now.". Swindle rolled his optics in frustration but didn´t push the topic any further. "So, and how was your week?" she asked as they left the train station. "How it is allways." he replied cooly "I have sorted out everything.".


Before nine hours...

Swindle went through the barely lit hall of the underground parking lot, crossing the hall towards the exit door. When he had reached the door, he opened it and quickly left the hall, steping into the dirty and wretched stairwell. He stoped there, laying the gun on one of the stairsteps. Then he took off the gloves he had been wearing and wrapped them around the gun, careful not to touch the weapon without the gloves.

Then he put the gun into a paperbag subspaced the paperbag and went up the stairs to exit the underground parking lot.

In a dark corner of the parking lot stood a luxury limosine. The rear window of the limosine was riddled with shots. Inside the limosine Razorblade, the femme and the strange mech were left, all shot dead.

When Swindle steped out of the stairwell into the sunlight, an light and content smile crossed his features.

Everything was sorted out.
Pretty Little Gangster
Finally, I was able to write a new One-Shot for my "Short-Story-Collection-Experiment". And this one is even the first one which is fitting cronological to another one. It is happening right after the events of the first one, so it´s basically the second one.

I know, this is all very confusing but I hope one day, everything will line up to a story which makes sense. Until then, we have to see what happens.^^;

I got inspired for this One-Shot by an "Marvel´s Black Widow" comic I read some time ago and also by this song:…

All stories from this "Shortstory-Collection-Experiment" will be uploaded in the order as I write them. NOT as they happen timewise. I decided to uploade them in this order since there is not real storyline. I hope it won´t get too confusing... for both, me and you.hmm

The first
Hey people,

:iconvendettaprimus: has her requests open. Go and check it out..)

REQUEST OPENI need practice, so I open some headshot/portrait request Uwu
just send me your Character in comment and share this journal :)
it's open until December and it will take a little time.
Running (Inverted)
Just a quick inverted picture of my oc Sam.:)

Original drawing and inverted

Other invertions:
Not going anywhere
Now, now, Rodimus, you´re not going anywhere until I´ve finished you.Greetings

Just a little spontaneous sketch. Hope you like it.:)


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I'm glad you're not a cat, I love cats but if you were a cat you couldn't keep making beautiful art, and that would suck.

So thanks for being a human who makes amazing art<3 
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