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Hope you survive the experience.
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You don't know me
"It is still not clear who have been the attackers but the police is already investigating. Any tips of the population are very welcome and will help to find the persones who are responsible for this tragedy...".
Royal Blue truned away from the screen and stoped listening to the femme who was reporting the news. "You can switch the chanel again." she said to the small, bulky mech behinde the bar. He didn´t say anything and just pressed a button, switching to the sports chanel again.
Royal Blue sighed and turned her gaze down into her glass of high grade again. It had been and hard and unpleasant day for her, full of unneccassary failures. Almost nothing had worked like she had planed it. First the burst deal, then the confrontation with such an stupid aft of an mech which resulted in an exploding bomb that was now in the news and finally she had argued with Swindle. This argument had ended with him yelling at her while she had just left them room without saying a word.
But the wor
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Melodrama :iconstarkite1:StarKite1 1 0
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Figure 8, ch.28
Oracle tripped over her own feet as she squeezed herself through the small slit only a second before the door closed behinde her. She couldn´t keep her balance and fell face flat on her front. She lifted her head and looked down a long empty corridor. At the end of the passageway was a faint gleaming purple light.
She get back to her feet again and looked back behinde her at the now closed door. On either count, she couldn´t go back anymore. At least not through this door.
So, there was only the escape to the front.
Griping her sword tigtly, Oracle ran down the corridor towards the gleaming light at the end. When she had reached the end, Oracle couldn´t believe what she was seeing.
Right infront of her was nothing else, but Unicrons´s spark. It was gleaming in a cold, purple light and she could hear the beating sound hollowing through the huge chamber.
A few meters away from her, she saw Optimus, Megatron and Alex. Optimus seemed to be preparing for exposing the Mat
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Figure 8, ch.27
Oracle felt a bit uneasy as she followed the rest of the team over the narrow catwalk. After they had left the base through the groundbridge, they had entered a cavernous interior with crisscross constructs and now, Megatron was leading them to Earth´s core where Unicron´s spark was supposed o be.
Just a few minutes after they had arrived there, Megatron had suddenly been seized by a vision in which the Earth exploded. He had noted to the rest of the team, that Unicrons strenght was growing stronger with every further second and that they hadn´t much time anymore. Arcee and Optimus had questioned his truth as well as Alex and Daisy. But despite this, they all had no choice but to follow Megatron to the core.
Still, she felt ashamed because she was following a team of strong warriors who were all determined to sacrifice their own lifes for saving the home of their human friends. And they expected that she was also determined to do this.
But she was not.
She was not strong
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Till all are one
After I read the MTMTE comics and the "Lost Light" I got inspired to draw something like this. It was really a pain to make the galaxy parts look like galaxy and I´m not content with the photo. It looks far better on paper...

I hope you like it nevertheless.:)
Jaylah (Redraw)
I decided to draw Jaylah again.:)
The old one is drawn exactly one year, one month and nine days ago... and I think it was really necessary to redraw it.^^;
I would like to know what you think of the new picture.:)

Left: old (2016)
Right: new (2017)

Redraw as single picture---->
Jaylah (Inverted)
Inverted/negativ picture of Jaylah from "Star Trek: Beyond".:)

Original drawing and inverted/negativ picture ---->

Other inverted pictures:


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